Iberico Bellota Lomito

Iberico Bellota Lomito


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Cured pork loin from Iberico pigs raised free in the “Dehesa” of Extremadura
and produced by a totally natural process during the winter months. What
is known as acorn-fed Iberico pork loin is the meat that is found under the
ribs, next to the spine

Ingredients: Pork loin of Acorn-fed Iberico pigs, salt, paprika “de la Vera”, garlic,
bay leaf, dextrose and authorised nitrificant salts. No gluten, no lactose.
Curing: 4 Months
Raising: Iberico pigs are raised free in the “Dehesa”, 12000m² for each Iberico
Shipment: 3-7 days
Conservation: Keep it in cool and dry place avoiding prolonged exposure to
sunlight or artificial light. Best-before 12 months
Texture: Tender texture, with significant marbling of shiny fat that melts on
the palate.
Color: Variation of shades from deep red to pale pink. Fat between golden
and rosy.
Flavour: Explosion of flavors and aromas, light in smoke and paprika
Taste: Perfect harmony between salted and sweet. Aromatic and full of

Weight: 0,350-0,450 Kg

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