The need to maintain the prestige and quality of a product that is made in limited quantities, require the creation of a quality label that identifies the region that produces most of the countries Iberico ham, and guarantees the consumer a unique product. For this, we have created Jamón Appétit.

Jamón Appétit is a dynamic and young company that exports Iberico Bellota Ham “Patanegra” and other Iberian products coming from the region of Extremadura, southwest of Spain.

Jamón Appétit selects and guarantees artisanal products that only come from drying-sheds and cellars in Extremadura, from Iberico animals bred freely in the “Dehesas”, which are a unique example of sustainable development.

We are not a big corporation; we just work with small producers. In this way, we can be certain of the absolute control over the production, the animal genetics, the way they are fed and raised, with the tracking and inspection of each individual product at each step of the process.

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