Cheese “Torta de Barros”

Cheese “Torta de Barros”


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Spreadable cheese made with 100% raw full-cream milk from Merino sheep. Coagulated
with natural plant coagulant produced from the wild flower Cynara Cardunculus, or
cardoon thistle. Dry salted with iodized table salt by rubbing.

Maturing: Performed in sealed refrigerated chambers with recirculation of air at a
temperature of between 4° and 5° C, with a relative humidity from 92% to 96
Artisanal maturing on wooden boards, with external wrapping and daily turning for a
maturing time of not less than 60 days, as it is product made with raw milk.
Tasting: It shows a yellow ochre exterior, with the inside pale-yellow, emphasizing the
brownish rind. The sliced tend to be semi-closed with holes, as with more liquid, less
holes appear. Its flavor is very intense and persistent, very complex, always with a hint
of bitterness to the palate. Its smell does not identify its flavour, this being very strong
and intense, above all in the smoother cheeses.
Consumption: The inside temperature of the cheese must be between 20 and 25° C,
once taken out of the refrigerator leave for 3 or 4 hours to reach this temperature and
achieve a uniform temperature and cremosity. Use a knife to cut the rind off the top
of the cheese, but don`t throw it away as it can be used to cover the cheese again. If
you don`t consume it all at once, it is advisable to wrap it in cling film and store in the
refrigerator. Once opened consume within 10 days.
Conservation: The optimal storage temperature is between 2°C and 10° C, and high
relative humidity would be beneficial.

Piece O,700Kg

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