Iberico Campo Paleta 80gr Gourmet presentation

Iberico Campo Paleta 80gr Gourmet presentation


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Iberico Campo Shoulder from Iberico pigs raised in partial freedom in the
“Dehesa” of Extremadura and fed with natural feed, grasses and some acorns.

Ingredients: Iberico ham from the shoulder, sea salt and authorised nitrificant salts. No Lactose, no Gluten.
Curing: 22-26 Months
Raising: Iberico pigs are raised free in partial freedom in the “Dehesa”, 1200m² for each Iberico pig.
Shipment: 3-7 days
Expiry: The Iberico Paleta can be kept hanging at room temperature for up to 6 months before starting to carve it. Once
started, consume within 1-2 months.
Texture: Soft and creamy consistency, with significant marbling of shiny fat that melts on the palate
Color: Variation of shades from deep red to pale pink. Fat between golden and rosy
Flavour: Grass from the dehesa and hazelnut.
Taste: Soft and delicate, less intensity than ham, slightly sweet at first, with surprising unctuousness of the fat melting on
the palate in a sublime way. You may find tastes near to almond, violet or sweet candy. Perfect harmony between salted
and sweet.

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