Iberico Campo Ham, hand-carved in 80g

Iberico Campo Ham, hand-carved in 80g


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Iberico Campo Ham traditionally hand-carved from Iberico pigs raised free in the “Dehesa” of Extremadura

Animal: Iberico pig.
Weight: 80g.
Curing: Minimum of 30 months in natural drying sheds
Origen: Extremadura
Parts of the pig: Rear leg.
Food: Natural feed, grasses and some acorns in period of fattening “montanera”
Ingredients: Iberico ham, sea salt.

Gluten-free. Does not contain GMOs or products derived from GMOs. Lactose-free

Tasting: Fine leg ham. Fat with soft and creamy consistency between golden and rosy. Variation of shades from deep red to pale pink, with significant marbling of shiny fat that melts on the palate.
Its flavour is soft and delicate, slightly sweet at first, with surprising unctuousness of the fat melting on the palate in a sublime way.
For a greater enjoyment of the sense-stimulating qualities of the ham, it is best consumed at room temperature.
Presentation: We send you the packets of vacuum packed hand-carved ham presented in thin slices of 4-5 centimeters wide so they dissolve in the mouth, where they produce an explosion of flavours and aromas, full of nuance.
The ham comes presented in a stylish box that gives a touch of exclusivity, and that provides a wonderful view of the product. Perfect for special occasions with a special person.
Consumption: A plate of Iberico Ham is a too sensitive and exquisite delight to just consume it in any place, in any way.
We must bear in mind that the ideal temperature to enjoy, in its authentic taste and texture, a portion of Iberico Ham must be between 20 and 22 °. This is the ideal temperature for the ham to sweat. If the temperature is higher, the ham will not have the flavor that it should have… and, if it is lower, the oleic oils will not be liquid and therefore not will boost the flavor in the same way.
Our recommendation is that the Iberico Ham should reach room-temperature naturally and gradually. This way you can enjoy more of its flavors and aromas.
1. Leave the pack out of the refrigerator for several hours so it is at room temperature; we at Jamón Appétit recommend taking it outside the refrigerator the night before consumption. If the ambient temperature is very low, you can use a stream of lukewarm water, that doesn´t feel hot, applied to the back of the packet.
2. Open the packet and leave it open for 15 minutes. In this way, the Iberico ham will breathe.
3. Use a pair of scissors to cut the plastic container where the sliced product is packaged, cutting all around the edge of the packet.
4. Place directly on the plate and serve between 20 and 22 °C
5. Leave a maximum of 5 minutes before serving. In the bag and the product will be a liquid fat, a clear signal that it is ready to eat
Conservation: Keep refrigerated at less than 7°C
Expiry: The best-before date of vacuum-packed products is 8-10 months.


Conservar en la nevera a menos de 7°


Conservar en la nevera a menos de 7°


Mínimo de 30 meses en secaderos naturales






Bellotas al principio y final de la montanera, pastos y piensos naturales

Parte del cerdo

Pernil trasero


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